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Online Invoicing for Small Businesses in Singapore

Online invoicing is when invoices are created and managed online on a website in the cloud, via a web browser. By opting for online invoicing, small businesses are able to simplify the billing management system which leads to enhanced cash flow management.

Advantages of Online Invoicing

Let us now explore the advantages and disadvantages of using online invoicing:

Online invoicing

Disadvantages of Online Invoicing

Following are the disadvantages of using an online invoicing software:

Online Invoicing Solutions for Small Businesses

We will now explore further, online solutions for small businesses, in terms of online invoice generators, online invoicing software and invoicing mobile applications.

  1. Online Invoicing Software

    Online invoicing software refers to a web-based software that helps to create and manage invoices in the cloud via a web browser. It offers advanced functions and features that help to automate and streamline the revenue or billing mechanism of the business.

    Online invoice software

    The features and functions just mentioned include, invoice generation, client management, products & services management, delivery tracking, payment reminders, customization, multi-currency support, reports and analytics, API integration and lots of other features.

    A great benefit associated with online invoicing software, is that it allows customers to view invoice details online and allows customers to make payments via online payment platforms in simple and easy steps.

    In addition to the above, online invoicing software can be integrated with the accounting ledger and operational dashboard. It creates an ease when it comes to tracking and managing receivables balances. These solutions enable the business to automate recurring invoices, payment reminders, and other notifications.

    This means that if the business expectation from the online invoicing tool is to execute advanced operations, then it will be ideal to opt for an online invoicing software.

  2. Online Invoice Mobile Application

    An online invoice mobile application just means that there is a mobile version of the online invoicing software. If you need to manage your bill processing using a smartphone or tablet then opting for this will be convenient as software providers usually provide smartphone applications to facilitate users in the execution of the overall billing process. Some more advanced features may not be available on the mobile version of the software, However, it is still an optimal solution, as it allows the management of the essential billing processes such as sending invoices and the analysis of the dashboard.

  3. Online Invoice Generator

    An online invoice generator is a basic invoicing tool that enables invoices to be generated by using the service provider’s website. In order to use this tool, basic transaction details must be entered into the system to generate the invoice.

    Since this is a basic tool, it does not offer any advanced features or allow the storage of data in the cloud for subsequent uses. If your business needs are to generate professional-looking invoices without the requirement of advanced features, then an online invoice generator is ideal.

Comparison Table of Online Invoicing Solutions

The next table compares features of the online generator, software and mobile application:

Features/functions Online invoice generator Online invoice software Online invoice mobile app
Free version Yes Yes (Limited) Yes (Limited)
Invoices Yes Yes Yes
Invoice Management No Yes Yes
Inventory Management No Yes Yes
Customer management No Yes Yes
Invoice Customization No Yes Yes
Recurring invoice No Yes Yes
Proforma invoice Yes Yes Yes
Quotes/Estimates Yes Yes Yes
Debit Note Yes Yes Yes
Credit note Yes Yes Yes
Send via email No Yes Yes
Payment Reminders No Yes Yes
Bulk Operations No Yes No
Payment Details Yes Yes Yes

It is important to note that different service providers will have different policies in regards to functions and features. Nevertheless, free versions come with essential invoice generation ability. Advanced or paid versions are expected to provide the more advanced functions and features.

Next will be a discussion on how to choose the best invoicing tool, in line with your business needs and demands.

Choosing the Best Online Invoicing Solution for your Business

The decision to choose the right invoicing tool is considered as one of the most crucial aspects of the billing and management process. The first crucial step, is to understand the business requirements and expectations from the view of the implementation of the invoicing solution.

This understanding involves the considerations of necessary features such as, invoice generation, scalability, integration, compatibility, level of customization, mobile access, multiuser access, automation, reporting requirements, compliance with the standard of revenue recognition standards, among others.

Following will be an elaboration of these features:

The software interface should be simple and easy to use as well as being easy to navigate through all the features.

It is important to note that the definition of the best invoicing solution changes with each different business. This is because each business is expected to have a different expectations from the invoicing solutions. That is why it is essential to understand your requirements and expectations for the features and functions offered by the invoicing tool.

To illustrate this, as an example, just say that your business needs are to just generate and download an invoice. In this situation, is would be advisable to opt for an online invoice generator, which is free. On the other hand, if you would like advanced features, such as payment integration, automation, recurring billing, and automated accounting, then you may want to opt for invoicing software.

Another important aspect to consider when selecting the invoicing solution is value for money. This necessitates an analysis of the cost and benefits before opting for any specific solution.

Let us now go though the expected cost of online invoicing tools.

Cost of the Online Invoicing Tools

As previously discussed, an invoice generator is available free of any cost. However, this solution is limited in terms of function, as all it does is generate the invoice. On the other hand, the price of invoicing software ranges from approximately S$15 per month to S$300 per month. This price is dependent on the functions and features that you require. The software offers related services such as payment processing, invoicing management via mobile, and real-time monitoring of payment requests, as well as others.

Usually, the price of the online invoice mobile application is included in the subscription cost of the software. However, some service providers may charge additional fees to activate any application usage.

Are There any Free / Cheap Options for the Online Invoicing Tool?

Yes, an invoice generator is a completely free online invoice-generating tool. There are also no usage restrictions on generating the invoices. However, if your business requires advanced features such as payment integration and payment status monitoring, you must opt for an online invoicing software that provides excellent working mechanics as well as integrated functions and features.

It is also important to note that some service providers provide advanced features in the free version. These features could include, monitoring the invoice status in payment, sending payment reminders, setting recurring invoices as well as others. However, there are usage restrictions regarding sending invoices and adding customers. So, if you are a scaled business with a strong customer base, you should opt for the paid version.


Online invoicing tools help to create and manage small businesses in regards to overall revenue and billing systems. These kind of tools come with advanced functions and features, such as payment gateway integration, real-time reports and dashboards, status monitoring, and the ability to facilitate the customers' payment.

There is a strong need to understand the business requirements in order to opt for an invoicing solution that meets your requirements. This is because each business is different and requires a different set of features and functions from the software.

Generally, there are various benefits offered by online invoicing solutions. These include, but are not limited to, quick and efficient invoice generation, higher scalability, enhanced integration, comprehensive financial reporting, and access to multiusers, among others.

In general, invoicing tools for small businesses can be an online invoice generator, online invoice software and also an online mobile application.

As mentioned, an invoice generator is free and is capable of generating the invoice by having a basic input of transaction details. Online invoice software offers various functions and features that facilitate billing and cash collection. There is also the ability to have access to the invoice software’s features on your phone screen by using online invoice mobile applications.

Pricing is an important factor to consider when deciding to implement an invoicing solution for the business. Free invoicing solutions are available for price-sensitive companies that do not require any advanced invoicing features, along with unlimited usage. One such example are invoice generators, which are entirely free. The unlimited availability of software features depends on whether you have opted for the free or paid version of the software.

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